Terry Ellis

Tilt (2008/2015) DVD NTSC, color, 4:10 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, films about film, structural

Made originally in 2008 in black and white and with a different soundtrack. The title refers to tilting the camera up to bring the horizon line down or down to bring it up and the film was prompted by seeing a documentary about John Ford which mentioned that in his framing, particularly in his westerns (e.g., 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon') he would often alternate between a high and a low horizon, something which apparently he took from the paintings of Frederick Remington. The image could not be simpler: basically the 'frame' is divided in half horizontally. The film was 'scored' very precisely and in constructing it this 'score' was followed to the letter. In 2015 I revisited the film and added color. While working on it I changed upon a song by Kevin Coyne ('Porcupine People') that seemed oddly appropriate and took the liberty of 'lifting'2 or 3 lines from the song to construct a new soundtrack.

Rental: $35

DVD NTSC Sale: $100(institution); $50 (individual)

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