Tobe Carey

Deep Water - Building the Catskill Water System (2001 - 2005) DVD, color, 45 + extras min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: history

The building of the Catskill Water System is the tale of heroism and heartbreak, political maneuvering, lost villages, brilliant engineering and a power struggle between New York City and the Catskills. Completed in stages between 1915 and 1925, the Ashokan and Schoharie Reservoirs were built by thousands of stone cutters, bridge builders, railroad workers, tunnel diggers and mule drivers.

It is the story of a city desperate for pure water and the reluctant rural area that was forced to provide it.

Today, the Watershed provides billions of gallons of pure water to New York City. In the time when the world faces sever water shortages, the Catskill system remains on of the most successful water projects of our time.

Hundreds of vintage photographs, rare films and interviews with historians and residents make Deep Water a compelling and moving documentary. Deep Water has been enjoyed by thousands of viewers as the classic film about water for NY City.

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