Stan Brakhage

Confession (1986) 16mm, color, 22.25 min

Genre: Experimental

This film was photographed midst the drama it depicts: as I was the protagonist of the drama, it is the most extremely autobiographical documentation given to me to do. As it was made while the brain was thus stunned, I think it was wrongly titled Love Sacrifice. I am now renaming it CONFESSION ( in the same spirit which moved me to re-title SINCERITY IV/ DUPLICITY I). There is a clear sense that all which the film depicts precludes even the possibilities of Love, so that it represents an even greater sacrifice of all that we know of loving than I had originally thought when I first titled it. Perhaps I, after all a film-maker, should cease speaking and simply turn to quote from Petrach which seems true addenda to the film now, as it did when I made it: Firstly, I revealed in salutary confession the secret filth of my misdeeds, in which had long been festering in stagnant silence; and I made it my custom to confess often, and thus to display wounds of my blinded soul to the almighty Healer(Epistolae Familiares X,5 June 11 probably 1352). I suddenly thought the title might best be, simply, CONFESSION; for the Petarch does hold solid thru all this turmoil. I continue to think there can be no Wrong form of loving... BUT, people can become easily confused as to what Love IS....

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