Lili White

#55 - CITADEL (2015) DVD NTSC, B&W and Color, 4:45 min

Genre: Narrative, Animation, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, biography & autobiography, body, dance, environment and nature, Ethnic/Multicultural, family, history, landscape and architecture, pesonal diary journal, philosophical, polititcal / social activism, psychology mental health, science medicine, spiritual mystical

The I Ching AKA, the Chinese BOOK OF CHANGES, is a "reflection of the universe in miniature." It allows one to connect with such energy thru philosophy and inquiry. Its 64 hexagrams describe typical but different states of energy found in life. It uses elements of Nature to describe different types of forces, each with their own qualities (example: wind is "penetrating" yet "gentle"). My practice is intuitive action, taken after researching the I CHING hexagram. I use color to stand for the elements of thunder (for the top trigram - red shirt) which occurs over lightning/fire (for bottom trigram - white pants). #55 means CITADEL, or CANOPY (under heaven), also ABUNDANCE and (reaching) the ZENITH, which cannot be maintained. As no ZENITH can ever last, at the peak the movement we tip over into the next hexagram, in THE HOUSE OF WATER/ HOUSE of the ABYSSMAL: #36 DARKNESS. #55 is about expanded intelligence, portraying an energetic movement. In #55, an offering of rice grain supports the crossing over into victory."Crossing the bridge" is engaging the enemy. This hexagram was pulled by King Wu, who avenged his father King Wen. King Wen is said to have written the philosophy of the I CHING after being imprisoned by the Shang Dynasty leaders. He died in their prison. King Wu inquired of the I CHING what action he should take while entering the mourning period for his father. It advised against staying still. At the time of King Wu's inquiry, there was an eclipse and the pole stars were seen at noon. He entered the battlefield of war with his father's coffin accompanying him and his troops. They defeated the SHANG.

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