Rrose Present

Todo es de color (2015) DVD NTSC, Color, 00:02:46 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: found footage, polititcal / social activism

Concept Series: Video "without-camera" reinterprets "camera-world" The images and sounds are extracted from the free virtual network, re-signified from the assembly. It is an "aesthetic experience" of the "information ethics" that misinformates by saturation and converts any event into a "show" of the real. This piece started as "video in progress" during the events that took place in Gaza in 2014. I extracted images from the network of two antagonistic "visions" of the same conflict to be re-signified from the "island edition " or digestion. Not with a "hard" nor "soft" assembly (as claimed Farocki) where the images dialogue between them, they are mounted with the overlap here. The images scream them all at once because every war is a failed dialogue. Building a temporal palimpsest with the aesthetic recreation extracted from information bombing until arriving to almost total abstraction, and invite us to contemplate this spectacle of light and color, as pure reality.

Rental: $30.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $200

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