Terese Svoboda

Noble Savage (2004) DVD, color & b/w, 8.59 min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, dance, ethic/multicultural , history , philosophical, political & social activism

Noble Savage explores Jean-Jacques Rousseau's concept of women and indigenous peoples. Based on the idea that word and image viewed together creates metaphor, a third experience that can more powerfully inform viewers than illustration, the mysterious narrator of Noble Savage binds together two asynchronous stories: Jean/Jeanne Baret's experience as the first woman to sail around the world, and the plight of a French journalist who is pushed from a helicopter during the Vietnam War. Sri Lankan and Hawaiian ceremonial footage emphasizes the notion that our deepest beliefs are historically, geographically and psychically connected.

Rental: $85

DVD NTSC Sale: $260

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