Faith Hubley

Seers and Clowns (1994) 16mm, color, 9 min

Genre: Animation

Keywords: arts & artists, environment & nature , ethnic & multicultural , history, spiritual & mystical

Bridging the insights of visionaries with the antics of fools, "Seers and Clowns" weaves a delightful tapestry of cross-cultural vignettes. A Siberian shaman scales the Tree of Life and attains enlightenment. The Contrary Clowns descend to an underworld of improbably hilarity. A Chinese oracle foresees the collapse of an unbalanced civilization. A Zen frog smiles. Zen clowns act out absurdity in the maze. Cybele, the Anatolian goddess of wildlife, sees a wasteland of loneliness and oppression. In the distance, a familiar song is heard. Winter ends with the coming of spring. Her longed-for partner returns. Accompanied by drums, cymbals and pipes, the worlds of Chief Seattle, Lzo-Tze and Kabir illuminate the way. Love and boundless creativity are celebrated by seers, clowns, and all their friends. Voices: Michael Ontkean & Jamie Smith. Music: Don Christensen.

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

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