Barbara Rosenthal

Ola Writes the Alphabet (1982 - DVD Remaster 2004) DVD, b&w, 16 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, biography & autobiography, body, children & youth, family, personal/diary/journal, philosophical , psychology & mental health , science & medicine, structural, technology

'Ola Writes the Alphabet' is a 'decisive moment' in both video and child development by a consummate artist of video vert. At her mother's prompting, Ola Creston, the artist's daughter at age 3, recalls some letters perfectly, but others only with great creative latitude, letting us see into the development of letter-forms in a young brain. An extremely straight-forward, observational presentation with no filmmaker-type interference, this DVD was originally shot in 1982 on black and white 1/2" open reel videotape. It is a boundary-crossing work that can find audiences among child and family psychologist, neurologists, linguists, educator, parents and children themselves, well beyond this artist's usual base within video history and the avant-garde.

DVD NTSC Sale: $285

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