Cynthia Madansky

TREYF (1998) 16mm, DVD, color, 54 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: biography & autobiography, personal/diary/journal, political & social activism, queer/bi/trans

TREYF -"unkosher" in Yiddish - is an unorthodox documentary by and about two Jewish lesbians who met and fell in love at a Passover "seder". With personal narration, real and imagined educational films, and haunting imagery, filmmakers Alisa Lebow and Cynthia Madansky examine the Jewish identity of their upbringings and its impact on their lives. Incisive cultural critics, astute, poignant, and poetic -never cynical- they weave their way from New York to Jerusalem in pursuit of a progressive, secular Jewish identity that draws from their childhood reminiscences as much as from their contemporary queer lives. Co-directed by Alisa Lebow.

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