Cynthia Madansky

PAST PERFECT (2002) 16mm, DVD, color, 42 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: biography & autobiography, landscape & architecture, personal/diary/journal, political & social activism, queer/bi/trans

"PAST PERFECT is a meditation on Jewish history, notably the Shoah-spirited and darkly amusing... In PAST PERFECT Madansky manages - frequently, brilliantly - to evoke a similar pang as greets the historian, documentarian, genealogist, or traveler when confronting the catastrophic absence that is the Holocaust. When all is effaced, the only logical response is speculation." excerpt from text by David Rakoff

16mm Rental: $250.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $60.00

16mm Sale: $1000
DVD NTSC Sale: $30.00

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