Cynthia Madansky

STILL LIFE (2004) 35mm, DVD, color, 15 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: biography & autobiography, landscape & architecture, personal/diary/journal, political & social activism, queer/bi/trans

Still Life gazes unflinchingly at the violence of war, observing the eerie architecture of the West Bank and Gaza Strip collapsed under Israeli occupation. This portrait provides brutal witness to how government sanctioned destruction metes upon structures of home and State. Unlike the mediated images of current warfare, Still Life examines the effects of the destruction of Occupation through the details of cinematic landscapes and its inherent inhabitants. In its relentless questioning reaffirmed with a unique and unremitting soundtrack by composer Zeena Parkins, Still Life forces us to focus on details of devastation.

35mm Rental: $250.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $60.00

35mm Sale: $1000
DVD NTSC Sale: $30.00

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