Rrose Present

Autoretrat: Tempest a "Les Fonts" d'una memoria (Storm in "the Sources" of a Memory) (2016) Digital File, color, 4 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: biography & autobiography, personal/diary/journal

In this series I work with democratic information devices. I transform the noise of all devices on a subjective poetic gaze. That contrasts with the objective eye of the informational language. I was recently installed in the village where my mother was born, I was without wifi nor television. As the only entertainment I was contemplating the trees in my front door. One night I experienced the spectacle of nature with me Fireworks storm. So I filmed my first storm in "Les Fonts" (sources) with all devices that I had "hand": mobile, desktop, and was not professional photo camera...and I made an assembly with textures I was offered the different images and sounds to create a visual and auditory rhythm. As if lightning storm allowed draw of the dark night of oblivion, the ghosts of the memory of my origins. Or as if, for a moment, return to the present deconstructed snapshots in time did lose all its original clarity and sharpness.

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