Karissa Hahn

(I)FRAME (2016) 35mm, Digital File, color, 11 min

A video is a stream of information, and this moving image relies upon the relationship of static frames which are algorithmically determined... In the language of video compression, the (I) frames are the reference points between which movement is interpolated. Manual deletion or misplacement of (I) frames results in a video glitch known as datamosh... the stream of nformation d srupted, d sorgan zed... nterrupted... lost... the () frame removed, rejected ... BUT, reclaimed, the (I) frame, the burning bolts of the machine, are at once reasserted in this dance macabre... (I) FRAME is a mechanical ballet set to the original tempo that characterizes motion on a screen at 24 (I) frames a second... shot at the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge in Pomana, CA

Rental: $50.00

35mm Sale: $100.00

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