Stan Brakhage

Persians 6 -- 12 (2000) 16mm, color, 18 min

Persian Series 10 twigs of color in space, and pure white ghosts of them in the background interspersed with dark amalgams of these andconglomerate forms. The resolve of these themes is a combination of amalgams and ghosts at one in interplay, and then dark slashed spaces with webs of white, webbed spaces on white and finally solarization of colored forms -- midst which the frame-line rises from bottom and drifts a few seconds visible, creating an insubstantiality of the frame of these images. Persian Series 11 begins with a window of yellow adrift in the full frame of multicolored paint shapes. Alternating black-space/white-space exhibits as a back-drop for slashes and curves of color -- reds and blues shifting to red-blue-green, then yellow, etc. slashes in black. Persian Series 12 hot by-play of reds-greens-yellows in black, blurred, finally as the color shapes are shifted violently from side to side, finally ending of a sharp entanglement of multicolored twig like and/or stem life forms.

Rental: $60.00
16mm Rental: $60.00

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