Bill Brand

Demolition of a Wall (1973) 16mm, black and white, 27 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Films about Film, Media, Structural

After showing 1896 Lumiere film, DEMOLITION OF A WALL in its entirety, this film takes six frames of the falling wall and shows them in all their permutations. Meanwhile, a piano track follows a similar pattern and plays with sound/image relationships. In the original version, we see Lumiere himself directing the demolition of a wall by workers while a mysterious man in the background watches. In the first commercial film show, of which this was a part. Lumiere reversed the projection causing the wall appear to reconstitute itself and thus created an additional spectacle. Here, we celebrate that spectacle by watching 718 additional variations on the theme of deconstruction/reconstruction.

Rental: $60.00
16mm Rental: $60.00

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