Emily Breer

Moona Luna (1990) 16mm, color, 10 min

Genre: Experimental

MOONA LUNA is about my first trip to the moon. On the set I allowed for Dr. Goodfriends to become Mr. Bad actors. Virgins always tell all so I always took the first take. The story includes three French boatworkermen, a theoretical physics teacher, no whales, and a host of "others." "MOONA LUNA has the same exuberant visual energy of BRUTE CHARM. In a set where PeeWee Herman would feel at home, Breer and her friends act out a topsy-turvy version of reality where Breer flies Almighty-Isis-like to the moon. "In the organic, unpruned world of MOONA LUNA, we're always on take one ... a modus operandi that discards theoretical structures and films from the gut instead. The actors came over to Breer's studio and improvised their roles -- a long-haired physicist scribbling equations for moving bodies through space, a pantomime swimmer against a painted ocean backdrop, a group of libidinous French boatworkers rehearsing how to say 'You have a beautiful ass' in French." -- Heather Mackey, The San Francisco Bay Guardian

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

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