Dietmar Brehm

Blicklust (1992) 16mm, color, 18 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Body, Erotic

Sometimes I ask myself what KIND of films I make + I think they are horror films. Do I make horror films? In 1991 I received a non-identifiable and worn out super-8 S/M Porno film, which shows a woman tied up in various manners + I couldn't resist. I knew that I had film material of surgery + I mixed the tied-up woman with the surgery material confrontationally + still a few more + and to 2/3 of a drawer of found footage until Blicklust-end. The "Pumping-screen" films THE MURDER MYSTERY + BLICKLUST are the first two of a planned six-part series which reflects on sexuality + violence. Basically, I show what I always see on TV, my favorite source. I like to watch TV without sound + with other manipulations. I watch restlessly the real + fake dead bodies. They are always there + I have simply gotten used to the fact that TV is a pump of corpses. In fact, I like better the filtered reality than the actual one. I prefer distance rather than closeness.

Rental: $36.00
16mm Rental: $36.00

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