Noll Brinckmann

Dress Rehearsal and Karola 2 (1980) 16mm, color, 16.25 min

Genre: Experimental

DRESS REHEARSAL and KAROLA 2 were shot simultaneously and at the same New York location. The two film also go together in that they were both made with Karola Gramann. Her way of dealing with clothes and jewelry, her specific talent of using whatever she wears or touches as a means of self-expression informs the images of both works. But although they were editing out of the same material, even using identical footage now and then, they differ considerably in structure and pace. It is important to see that the films do not attempt to unfold an argument: they are not a statement on any particular feminist issue. What we tried to do while shooting was to concentrate on our own visual pleasure rather than work in opposition to existing stereotypes. The fact that our tastes and needs did not entirely correspond added an element of communicative tension between us. It also added a slight note of incongruity: Karola's creative narcissism and ironic resourcefulness becomes to me a metaphor for all kinds of mental and actual activities.

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16mm Rental: $30.00

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