Noll Brinckmann

Verdigris (1982) 16mm, color, 11.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Political / Social Activism, Psychology & Mental Health

... is a film about female sexuality . But instead of developing a sexual program or an argument, the film tries to capture a number of different, even contradictory stances and feelings as they might exist simultaneously in a single mind. This is in part achieved through the objects in the frame -- male statues, for instance, and a woman relating to them in her own way -- and partly through a tension between the surfaces of these objects, their varying degrees of dryness,solidity, glossiness, smoothness, or concavity. Color is particularly important in this film because it motivates the cuts, or serves to establish a rapport between the objects. So is the music, which was initially written for a Hollywood musical, where it performed a narrative function designed to carry suggestions of fluidity and desire.

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