James Broughton

Dreamwood (1972) 16mm, color, 45 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Personal / Diary / Journal

"DREAMWOOD is James Broughton's major work to date. It is a modern day spiritual odyssey in which a man is mysteriously compelled to leave his home and embark on a voyage to a strange and magical island. On the island he faces the most improbable and intense experiences of his life, ranging from total humiliation to a deep sense of oneness with the forces of life. Heroic in concept, subtle in execution, DREAMWOOD is a beautiful film by a true master of the medium." -- David Bienstock "DREAMWOOD is Broughton's finest film." -- Jerome Hill "No single film in the whole of the American avant-garde comes as close as this one to the source of the trance film, Cocteau's Blood of a Poet." -- P. Adams Sitney

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