Jacob Burckhardt

This Object (1982) 16mm, color, 42.5 min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Keywords: Literature & Theater

John Nesci as an investigator of dubious motives; and Jose Raphael Arango as the itinerant hypnotist Tschipoloa, once the toast of Turin and Moscow, whose commands drive his audience to the brink of irresponsible madness, and they love it. A small summer resort in the dead of winter, a foreign hypnotist whose pervese will nobody can resist, and a fiery crime with an unknown victim. These are the elements of THIS OBJECT. Filmed on location on New Jersey's South Shore, the Utopia Theater in Queens, the Bouwerie Lane Theater in New York's Lower East Side, and the vacant lots of Brooklyn, with jagged color and stylized and explicit dialogue, THIS OBJECT is a realistic mystery which deepens as it progresses, and, like many real life mysteries, remains one to the end.

Rental: $70.00
16mm Rental: $70.00

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