Rudolph Burckhardt

Apple, The And In Bed (Two Videos) (1986) DVD NTSC, color, 40 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Dance, Literature & Theater

In Bed is "a bringing back into life of the snippets and events described and imagined verse by verse in Kenneth Koch's poem 'In Bed'. Arranged in staccato verses rapid machine gun fire, the poem is read on the sound track while the visual choreography unfurls. The poem riffs on the plausible possibilities and remembered musings that took place in beds the poet has known. While some of these are re-enacted, there's room for luxurious pauses while the visuals catch up with the poet's triggered thoughts running banshee away into formerly unexplored regions of hilarious fantasy and sweet memory: a morning coffee vision becomes penetrable as, lugging a typewriter into bed, a poet, surrounded by muses (in silk nightgowns) composes a ditty before unreluctantly submitting to mere mortal pleasures; a portrait sitter's fantasy of seeing the artist working topless is spliced in; a scantily dressed damsel sleepwalks her way through a dawning forest into the viewer's daydreams. Rudy's lyrical montage opens and reflects the world the way a poem does. He consistently gets to the essential fragments of an experience or a view. His perspective is that of a pedestrian god of the sidewalks, a celebrator of details we might have missed. The films are about desire, bewitched noticing and, most of all, love. " -Greg Masters

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