Rudolph Burckhardt

Good Evening Everybody (1977) 16mm, color & b/w, 43 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Literature & Theater, Psychology & Mental Health

Burckhardt has taken the young woman as his world. With characteristic good humor and lightness of touch in editing and pacing, he never succumbs to the cloying bombardment of the 'I'll put in everything' approach. He shapes it into a film we slide right down, toward a sparkling blue pool of water: our own sense of exhilaration." Ron Padgett "Good Evening Everybody" does not construct a world, but projects a personality. Burckhardt's camera observes life in a way characteristic of someone sensitive to irony, detail, diversity, humor, incongruity and (even) beauty, expressive of a cultivated, somewhat aloof, yet generous sensibility that suggests a perceptive, complicated and engaging, in fact ideal, traveling companion." Noel Carroll, SOHo News

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16mm Rental: $60.00

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