Jerry Abrams

Eyetoon (1968) 16mm, color, 8 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Body

"The sea, tranquil and violent, is the ultimate symbol for Jerry Abrams' EYETOON and the ultimate equivalent to making love -- his concern in this short and visually dazzling film. Abrams contrasts the rushing faces of New York and a highway juggernaut with the peaceful joining of bodies in a Gjon Mili-like stroboscopic sequence -- always with a burbling, flashing maelstrom of emotions underlying and double-exposing with the bodies. It is visually lovely, technically first-rate and impossible to ignore. The graphic sex is economically handled." -- John L. Wasserman, San Francisco Chronicle "The film EYETOON would seem to be the perfect synthesis of the metaphysical, spiritual and sexual feelings of a sensitive experimental filmmaker." -- Reverend Earl Shagley

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