Roberta Cantow

Autostop (1972) 16mm, black and white, 17 min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Keywords: Literature & Theater

A dramatization of a female hitch-hiker's experience with one ride. The possibility for compassion is confused with fear as the seemingly ailing motorist reaches out for understanding and human contact. Innocence transforms into another kind of knowledge. "In oblique improvised style, a chance roadside pick-up of a hitch-hiking girl in AUTOSTOP is developed by Roberta Cantow into a touching evocation of the bittersweet fantasies of the girl and the bearded, seemingly ailing motorist who's grasping for momentary affection." -- A. H. Weiler, NEW YORK TIMES

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00

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