Monte Cazazza

Pierce + SXXX-80 (2 films) (1985) 3/4" NTSC, color, 14 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Personal / Diary / Journal

"SXXX80" - M.Cazazza & T.Emmolo Smith, 13 min., 1980. A classic Industrial Culture artifact from its heyday. Cazazza and Emmolo Smith in various transgressive tableaux of the Viennese Body Art persuasion, including genital play, leeches and reptiles. "Pierce" - M.Cazazza & G.P.Orridge, 3 min., 1985. A document of Cazazza's own genital piercing shot by the guru of the Industrial Culture scene himself, Genesis P-Orridge. Shot on Super-8

3quarterInch NTSC Rental: $45.00

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