Martin Charlot

Apocalypse 3:16 (1966) 16mm, black and white, 96 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Philosophical, Spiritual / Mystical

With Myron van Brundt and Tom Kealiinohomoku. Apocalypse 3:16--'... I shall vomit thee out of My mouth because thou are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm...' Dealing with the subject of the soul and its relation to modern man in his contemporary environment, the story is how a man, caught in a Twentieth Century web of materialism, is introduced to the complexities of the spiritual self. Today when 'spirituality is often considered only an intellectual pursuit,' the discovery of it as an overpowering force in one's self can be shocking. The film concerns a man, violent in nature, driven much against his will into a realization of his soul. At first he combats this realization and fails. He tries to master it and fails. He tries to destroy it and fails. Finally, in the only way he knows how, being faithful to his nature, he accepts it by offering his whole being to its truth. He uses his nature as a prayer and offers his beating heart. Divided into two contrasting reels, it is made up of many seemingly disjointed scenes. The first reel is heavy, setting up moods and giving hints of the final revelation. Much that seems unimportant gains its importance as the film reaches its terrifying climax. The second reel starting with a statement of death, moves forcefully, as the subject deepens, to its inevitable ending. "... it is a piercing piece of film that combines shocking horror and tender beauty, violence rich in unrelenting quiet and a strange quietness oozing with tension..." -- Boxoffice Magazine. "Charlot has brought out a true avant-garde pioneer work in his latest film worthy to rank high... It involves the spectator in a world of its own... wherein reality and dream, love and hatred, spirit and flesh mingle... Its art is strong and new..." -- Die Tat, Zurich "Should you look up the Biblical title in Revelation, you will be prepared for an hour and 30 minutes of suspense, beauty, unusual dramatic devices, and shock in this morality play... The acting is consistently expressive... Especially spirited is Tom Kealiinohomoku who enacts the arch sinner, and Myron van Brundt sensitively characterizes the saintly man..." -- Honolulu Star Bulletin

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