Maryette Charlton

Loren Maciver: Part 2 (1962) 16mm, color & b/w, 22 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Biography & Autobiography

Pictures the American painter Loren Maciver as she roams purposefully or idly during the four seasons of the year and observes objects, movement, and color that abound in city and country. Shows the artist as she transposes to canvas her various observations. Features many paintings of the artist including Red votive lights, Fishers Island, New York, The city, Manhattan, Venice, Acropolis, the street The Fratellini, and Les baux. "An impressive array of paintings by a foremost American contemporary painter make their appearance on film. The film-maker has captured in depth the vibrancy of the artist, her paintings, and her environment. All three emerge as clearly interwoven patterns and constitute the structure of this two-part film, each self-contained. Thus Loren MacIver is seen during the four seasons of a year roaming purposefully or idly...observing and absorbing objects, movement and color that abound in city and country. The film reveals their transposition on canvas: Crystalizations emitting luminous glows that contain rare delights which gives to each painting the beauty and style that is the very special gift of this artist, as catalyst. Only be being silent can the richness of the visual experience be fully enjoyed and recognized as a distinct entity." -- Rosalind Kossoff.

Rental: $40.00
16mm Rental: $40.00

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