Dominic Angerame

Continuum (1987) 16mm, VHS NTSC, black and white, 15 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Technology

"In a superb manner, CONTINUUM builds from the bottom up a complex and finely woven picture of a day-in-the-life of labor, or a work, in progress, and without end, microcosmically reflecting a history of any labor and many an art. "Through elegantly overlaid, constructionist windows of geometric form, we see into the turgid furnace of man's multifarious tasks, and, as in a vision, behold the ballet of his tools and accoutrements: steaming tar, turning pulleys, swishing mops, changing lights and sewer-plates, acetyline torches and sandblasting serpents, snorting sting of jackhammers and gleaming jewels amid grime where undinal heat makes the atmosphere buckle. "And in the midst of it all -- the streets, the bridges, the roads, the roofs, the endless river of communication cables and the windowed monoliths of jutting superstructure -- there stands man, that somewhat Sisyphian, but irrepressible beast; not so much brawny as dauntless, to wit, wired for the thing-at-hand, welded to the task made a titan in collective will. "The film is like a dream you can't put your finger on and can't forget, because the very truth of it is so evasive, suggestive, labyrinthine. And then it dawns on you, or rather circumnavigates you: the very fact of life is heroic, makes heroes of each of us, every man, woman, and child, from the carpenter unto the architect, and the whole of it is so thoroughly interdependent, so very closely interwoven." -- Ronald Sauer

16mm Rental: $75.00

VHS_NTSC Sale: $$60 home use; $200 others

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