Doris Chase

Doris Chase Dance Series with Gay Delanghe, The (1979) VHS NTSC, color, 29 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Dance, Structural

A solo performance by choreographer/dancer Gay DeLange structured on a theme developed specifically for DANCE FOR TELEVISION. There are five variations: (1) Theme, 9-1/2 min. The choreographic statement in total, with added oscilloscope reading of the music. (2) Divide, 4 min. The theme is varied by a trio-effect achieved through mat-key and outline generator accompanying the dancer. (3) Space, 4 min. Lighting and reversed-polarity of the dancer's image creates a marked difference from Divide. (4) Tide, 5-1/4 min. Again a restatement of the theme basically changed by feedback. (5) Change, 5-1/4 min. An outline generated duet-form of the theme is combined with the oscilloscope-reading of the musical score to provide an exciting climax. Music by George Wilson and William Gracey, Jr.

Rental: $50.00
VHS NTSC Rental: $50.00

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