Dominic Angerame

Premonition (1995) 16mm, VHS NTSC, black and white, 11 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Landscape & Architecture

"There's an exquisite despair and a dooming ambiguity suspended in the cool morning clarity of Dominic Angerame's new film, PREMONITION. It's short and bittersweet, like a prelude by Debussy, and promises a broad integration of the aesthetic elements of his work. ... But ... there's also a painful consciousness of the vanity of all things human and their transience .... "PREMONITION, despite its sadness, does not judge modernity and its Gargantuan feats of engineering, but, on the contrary, admires them, in the fullest aesthetic sense of the word, like a traveler turning a bend in the road whereby an enormity of landscape is revealed, overwhelming his ego, freeing him up toward a larger question while simultaneously diminishing his particularity in the very grandeur of it all. ... "Modernity, what happened to your highway? You tower over us, then you disappear. The arch and ribs of the guardrails seem so real to us. ... The casually defiant smoked cigarettes upon you. The sincerely healthy played tennis in your shadows. You were close to our places of work downtown. The seagulls' cries echoed in your ribcage. Gone. "[T]he film hides its meaning, comes in like the tide but still disappears. ... A fragment of a circle, abstracted. Near the bridge. The highway snakes along. Adolescents tagged it. A jogger like a flea on its back. And emptied of cars it's its own worst indictment: now that we're not busy with it, what can it mean? "PREMONITION is not about a defunct highway to have done with, it's the painful inventory of a desired and questionable relationship gone down." -- Ronald F.

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