Tom Chomont

VHS Prog. 1 (6 Films): Ophelia/Cat Lady (2 1/2 min, color, 1969), Phases of The Moon (5 min, color, silent, 1968), Oblivion (4 1/4 min, silent, 1969), Gloria In Grass, Persian Rug (color, silent, 1969) (1969) VHS NTSC, color, 18 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists

Ophelia/Cat Lady: Two films. Phases of The Moon: "I usually avoid the term "film poem," because it was overused in the '40's and '50's. But somehow it fits "Phases of The Moon", it is a film poem and nothing else. A small, miniature film poem, a jewel, if the word masterpiece is too stuffy. " -- Jonas Mekas, Village Voice, October, 1973 "Phases of The Moon" is a film of many powerful and striking moments, but it seems organized according to a system that remains--on my two viewings, anyway--obscure, as if one has been transported to some other planet, with different languages and is which the moon's phases followed rules incomprehensible to us". -- Fred Camper, The Chicagoan, March, 1978 Oblivion: "Successfully blends elements from both the poetic and diary modes. In the process Tom Chomont has created one of the few truly erotic works in cinema." -- J. J. Murphy, Reaching for Oblivion, Millennium Film Journal, No. , Winter/Spring 1979 "Exquisitely erotic... a shimmering fantasy..." -- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times, February 1976 This film may be viewed through red and green filter glasses to produce momentary stereoscopic and other biocular effects. (these glasses may be obtained at most large camera store or can be approximated by using a square or red cellophane, one held over the right and the other over the left eye. AN after-effect of altered color perception usually results, but this may be quickly reduced by reversing the color filters and looking into a light source. Persian Rug: A Persian Rug filmed in Orselina, Switzerland after reading the "the Sufis" by I Indries Shaf.

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