Tom Chomont

Space Time Studies (1977) 16mm, color, 21 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Philosophical, Psychology & Mental Health

"De eevwigheid duurt een oogwenk./ De ti jd duurt maar door." -- A. Roland Holet. "This film is in several short sections. Most are set in a single location or 'space'; the editing introduces a temporal element into that space. In the third section, for example, the setting is a European cafe; Chomont cuts between different shots that seem to be adjacent to each other in this single space, but various cues--such as the change in characters' positions--tell us that the shots were taken at different times. Chomont is exploring here a fundamental paradox of cinema: that time and space are interdepent, that one camera can film space in a way that make different parts of it seem simultaneously present, cut this simultaneity is an illusion -- the time of the filming and of the strip of film in projection is always moving forward." -- Fred Camper, The Chicagoan, March, 1978.

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