Ralph Arlyck

Natural Habitat (1973) 16mm, black and white, 18 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Philosophical

In NATURAL HABITAT ... Ralph Arlyck, through devastatingly well-selected and well-edited images --an airline hostess explaining the safety features of her plane, a girl selling Teflon pans in a department store, post office employees adapting to the pace and rhythm of their machines--offers an uncomfortably accurate view of the robot-like patterns of our daily job routines. -- Arthur Knight, Saturday Review, June 10, 1972. ... a truly outstanding example of documentary montage whose precision of control creates a profoundly revealing comment on the dehumanization of urban life. -- Owen Shapiro, festival judge I would place this film among the top entries at any festivals where I have seen it. -- Edgar Daniels (Mr. Daniels has written about NATURAL HABITAT in the National Observer, Filmmakers Newsletter, and the Journal of Popular Culture.)

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