Jerome Hill

Death in The Forenoon or Who's Afriad of Earnest Hemingway (1933) 16mm, color, 2 min

Genre: Experimental

A party of other world creatures breaks up a bull-fight. --J. H. "I must tell you that Peter Kubelka (who is staying with us this month) (and who is, to my way of thinking, the greatest 'perfectionist' of the film medium and, thus, finds it very difficult to 'like' anything but his work, a few of mine, and one or two other films in the whole world) DID like your film and was much interested in this unique effect you've created ... what I call the 'back-space.' I think the children were actually tempted to look behind the screen - I mean that there is such a play between the shapes you've painted and those photographed that the former do very much seem in a different 'plane' and definitely as if emerging from behind." --Stan Brakhage in a letter to Jerome Hill

Rental: $20.00
16mm Rental: $20.00

Lewis Jacobs

Footnote to Fact (1933) 16mm, black and white, 6 min

Genre: Experimental

Rental: $25.00
16mm Rental: $25.00

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