Lloyd Williams

16mm Experimental Films by Lloyd M. Williams (1952) 16mm, black and white, 116 min

Genre: Narrative, Animation, Experimental

Keywords: Children & Youth, Music

Disc 1 Wipes (1:00 1964) Grand Prize Canyon Film Festival. Less Poisson's (2:03 1952) 'Animated cut-outs of life under the sea.' A film for children. Jabberwock (4:23 1959) from the poem by Lewis Carroll won the Silver Award at the Cannes Festival in 1959 Opus #5 (5:21 1963) Creates a mood of nightmare terrors at once indefinable and affecting They're off (7:42 1959) A satire movie about sports car racing at the Little Lemans, directed while at New York University and very populare among sports car devotees The Creation (1:18 1963) A million years of life in one minute. Wipes (1:00 1964) Disc 2 Wipes (1:00 1964) 'A jigger of pure visual tonic.' Line of Apogee (45:00 1966) Filmed over a period of four years; this is a record of the sights and sounds of many nights of dreams before they fade away. Grand prize Independent Film-Makers Competition St. Lawrence University. The well known electronic music composer Vladmir Ussachevsky thought so much of Line of Apogee that he composed the original electronic musical score for the movie. The sound track for the movie was released by New World Records Film Music along with the Suite from No Exit; the DVD of the score is 80389-2 DIDX 006272. Rainbow's Children (23:33 1975) Experimental film, Diploma D'Excellence Festival D'International Cinema Montreal, Original Electronic sound track by Suzanne Ciani. Rainbow's Child (13:57 1997) Cinemtography by Lloyd Williams edited by Adrian Salsgiver Wipes (1:00 1964)

16mm Sale: $75.00

Christopher MacLaine

Beat Films (1952-1958) DVD PAL, Color BW, 61 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: art & artists, history

Includes THE END (1953) 16mm 35 min, THE MAN WHO INVENTED GOLD (1957) 16mm 14 min, BEAT (1958) 16mm 6 min, SCOTCH HOP (1958) 16mm 6 min

DVD PAL Sale: $32.00 Individual Home-Use Only

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