Submit your stills

To submit your stills from your film or video for the On-Line Catalog:

Use .jpeg or .gif format (.gif is ok for b&w, but .jpeg is better for color images).

For 3 by 4 aspect ratio, image size, in pixels, should be: height=216 width=288
(this is the same as 3 inches by 4 inches at 72dpi).

Title for images filmtitle.jpeg or filmtitle.gif.
(please include your name in your email too).

If you want your film still used in the On-Line Catalog but you do not have a copy to send as an email attachment, you may mail your still to:

The Film-Makers’ Cooperative
475 Park Avenue South, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10016


Your still will be scanned for you (note that the turnaround time on this is slower than sending your still by on-line form).

Please note: Due to the public nature of the Web, the Film-Makers’ Cooperative cannot be held responsible for any misuse or copyright infringement of your images.

If you request it, the WebMaster can put up your film still pages in a way that makes it harder for people to download your images (but even this is not impossible to circumvent). You may also wish to opt for the normal image page if you want renters to use your images in publicity for screenings of your film/video.

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