Summer in the City: New York Films

Monday August 28 at 7:30 pm
279 Church Street, New York
Tel. 212-254-5277
Curated by Stephen Kent Jusick

$5.00 Admission

Fred Safran
Paradise Now
1968, B&W, 10 min. A magical trip which considers the possibility of seeing New York City in a new and different light. You are taken out of the Spirit World and brought back alive. Come with us on a guided tour through Fun City. Transformations on a SoHo Street

Bob Parent
1973, B&W, 20 min. Shakin’ it in Soho, before all the shoppers arrived.
An attempt at extending the documentary film away from traditional institutional mentality and into a candid, intimate experience and commentary of the event. The film is titled after an improvisational, environmental dance event conceived and organized by Ruth Heller Coron and company, that was celebrated on Prince Street, October 1973.

Rudy Burckhardt
1975 13 min. Where Charles Simonds is building strange structures of tiny bricks in the crumbling walls of New York’s Lower Eastside, for his ‘Little People,’ as the astonished neighborhood kids look on.

Jeff Scher
1976, 3 min. A little tribute from the master animator.

Rudy Burckhardt
Default Averted
1975, B&W, 20 min. When New York was about to go bankrupt, all construction had stopped, and an architect tried to become a wrecker. The story of a demolition of a large factory building on 23rd and 6th, while daily business, grimy or funny, money or no money, goes on as usual al around. In stark B&W, with music by Thelonius Monk and Edgar Varese.

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