THE ESSENTIAL NAKED EYE CINEMA: selected works and taped interviews with the makers

Naked Eye Cinema

Monday March 27 at 7:30 pm
279 Church Street, New York
Tel. 212-254-5277
curated by Jack Waters

$5.00 Admission includes free popcorn!

In 1985 artists Leslie Lowe and Jack Waters realized that the only way people were going to see their films and the films they liked was to self-exhibit (and to show the films too!). Using the Lower East Side art center ABC No Rio as home base they showed super 8, 16mm and video in galleries, theaters, lofts, salons, nightclubs, street corners — wherever you could fit a projector – all over Manhattan, the U.S.A. … the World. The mixed bag aesthetic was a rare venue where Todd Haynes , Christine Vachon , Richard Kern , and Nick Zedd , to name a few, showed side-by-side with classic titles like Sergei Eisenstein’s uncompleted Que Viva Mexico , Maya Deren’s Meshes In The Afternoon , and such rarely seen films as the 1930’s film Forgotten Village , with screenplay by John Steinbeck . Naked Eye Cinema was the ONLY venue of its era that consistently showed film and video by women, gay men, lesbians, and novice makers on the margins of culture. A center of the newest and most challenging spheres in contemporary music, performance and visual art, the spirit of Naked Eye Cinema lives in new and “used” videos that belie genre classification. Let’s just say, they’re …different!


All works to be shown on video.
original formats are indicated in the following descriptions:

Aline Mare/Erotic Psyche
Cassandra: Seething At The Mouth
VHS, color, 7 min., 1985
Revenge of the dirty words with a raging tongue.
With Kembra Pfafler & Aline Mare

Bradley Eros/Erotic Psyche
video, color, 7 min., 1985
(with Jack Waters & Sharon Gannon)

Kembra Pfahler Interview

Kembra Pfahler
Cornella The Story Of A Burning Bush
S8 10 Minutes 1985

Jack Waters
16 MM @ 12 min c. 1987

Leslie Lowe and Jack Waters
16MM 13 Min 1987
Chopin Nocturnes accompany this study in black and white
inspired by HuysmanKs decadent novel A Rebours
Brad Taylor, Valerie Carris, Peter Cramer, Adrian Saich

Peter Cramer Interview

Peter Cramer
Corrective Measures
S8 10 Min 1986
Capturing the conflict of fighting violence with violence, terror against terrorism, politics exploiting itself

Carl George Interview with Kembra Pfahler and Contessa Vallee

Carl George
S8 17 Min 1987
A grand scale oeuvre featuring Washington D.C. as the star. Ethel Merman makes a comeback as AmericanaK ¦ Uncle Sam in drag.


Naked Eye Cinema Contact:
Jack Waters
P.O. Box 20260 Tompkins Sq. Stn
New York, NY 10009

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