The Film-Makers’ Cooperative is the largest archive and distributor of independent and avant-garde films in the world. Created by artists in 1961, as the distribution branch of the New American Cinema Group, the Coop has more than 5,000 films, videotapes and DVDs in its collection.

Come visit us at our fabulous new home!

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Film by Maria Niro.

The New American Cinema Group, Inc. / Film-Makers’ Cooperative (FMC) has a new home at 475 Park Avenue South, on the northeast corner of 32nd Street. Our fantastic sixth-floor site offers a 20-seat theater, The Charles S. Cohen Screening Room. Our offices and archives are approximately 2000 square feet. We have signed a five-year lease with the real estate developer Charles S. Cohen that calls for the organization to pay a symbolic rent of $1 a year.

“It’s amazing,” says Jonas Mekas, a filmmaker and one of the cooperative’s founders, “and amazing that there are still people like Cohen in this world.”

“It’s a beautiful and more accessible space,” says M. M. Serra, FMC’s executive director.

Mr. Cohen, the president and chief executive of Cohen Brothers Realty, is known as a film aficionado. He is the author of a book of movie trivia, won a Kodak Movie Award for a comedy short he wrote and directed, and was an executive producer of “Frozen River,” the feature-length film starring Melissa Leo that was released last year and earned two Oscar nominations.

“I was in a position to help, and I thought that I should,” Mr. Cohen said. “They are a wonderful group doing important work, and there is no other place to go and see this kind of thing. They needed a storage space for their archives, and this meets their needs.”

Charles Cohen
FMC Site Sponsor

M.M. Serra FMC
Executive Director

Jonas Mekas
an FMC Founder

Passages above from: New York Times

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