New DVD’s, including a new 16mm print of BERYL SOKOLOFF’S “My Mirrored Hope” (1963)

We are excited to announce we have new films in our collection for rental!

With MOMA’s amazing preservation team, we now have a newly restored 16mm print of CHARLES HENRI FORD’S “Poem Posters” (1967) with a soundtrack featuring narration by William Burroughs among other Warhol stars.

We have a new 16mm print of BERYL SOKOLOFF’S “My Mirrored Hope” (1963). This iconic feature, “My Mirrored Hope,” is a vibrant portrait of visionary artist Clarence Schmidt. The film intertwines views of Schmidt’s fantastic house in Woodstock, NY, his sculptures and gardens with the man himself. Sokoloff portrays Clarence as a wizardly inhabitant of his magic world.

In addition, we have the Collected Works of Beryl Sokoloff on 12 DVDS, including his films on the artist Clarence Schmidt, and collaborations with mixed-media artist Crista Grauer.Last, but certainly not least, we have thirteen hand-crafted collage films by KATHERINE BAUER!We would love to hear from you! Send us your inquiries. Thanks!

The Film-Makers’ Coop Team

(Image of Clarence Schmidt by Beryl Sokoloff)

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