Donald Hughes

Follower, The (1996) 16mm, color, 27 min

Genre: Experimental

16mm CinemaScope or flat print, DVD, VHS THE FOLLOWER blends a B-movie plot with the radical narrative shorthand of pure film. Two solitary people, a fashion model (Sandra Locke) and an art collector (C. B. Anderson) wreak havoc on each others' lives over possession of a valuable work of art. The story is set amidst the cultural iconography of the 1960s. The soundtrack, almost entirely without dialogue, combines source music and natural sound. A mysterious ending hints at who the survivor may be. Special opening night selection, 1999 CineVegas International Film Festival. "Excellent ... I was really held by it."-- Kathleen LaCamera, VISN Cable Network. film rental $75 (specify CinemaScope or flat letterboxed print) optional scope lens rental $10 DVD sale $45, VHS sale $35

Rental: $75.00
16mm Rental: $75.00

Donald Hughes

An American Boy (2005) DVD NTSC, color, 40 min

Keywords: Children & Youth

A boy in a homemade racer is poised at the top of a steep hill. On a dare, he's about to tempt gravity and fate at the bottom. What follows is the odyssey of a 12 year-old whose exploits as a race driver, commando and ballroom dancer bring him face to face with life's joys and disasters - a poignant memoir of mid-20th century boyhood.

Rental: $sale price: 20.00 individual / 45.00 institutional

DVD NTSC Sale: $20.00

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