Lisa DiLillo

Works By Lisa DiLillo (2000) DVD NTSC, color, 30 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Found Footage

Corrections and Clarifications (2000) 10:00 Corrections and Clarifications is based on text taken from the Corrections sections of the New York Times and Science Magazine from January through June of 2000. The errors cover such subjects as space, time, religion, identity and perception. There are also corrections of unknown facts and estimated data. The image sources are mixed. They range from original recorded images to appropriated imagery from the media and movies so as to mix fact and fiction. Corrections and Clarifications investigates the relativity of truth by questioning what we believe to understand about our world and the role that the media has in that understanding. Circumscriptions (2000) 7:00 Circumscriptions is a seven minute experimental video thatenlists the circle as a template and access point to probe the concepts of perception, image making, and collective memory. The circle sometimes is a metaphor for the viewfinder and at other times a tunnel-like vehicle transmitting ancient texts and icons. Some of the many images included are abstractions of zootropes, film loops, perceptual devices, and the interior of the body. The frenetic images contaminate each other in implosions and explosions of cells and universes where societal culture and biological culture are not distinct. The visuals are very closely edited with the sound collage/composition of Stevie Wishart. The sound reinforces and plays with the concepts of the persistence of vision and the fragmented image. We see flip books and then art history books and then eventually a Lascaux cave painting literally comes to life, calling to mind the photographic series of horses by Eadweard Muybridge. The Cock Fight (1998) 3:15 The Cock Fight engages the viewer in a hypnotic orgy of violence, color, and speed so as to call into question the suductive powers of spectacles that glorify excessive displays of masculinity and bravado, overemphasize the importance of victors and victory, and disregard the consequences of its violent constructs. FBI Warning (1996) 2:00 silent A set of unofficial FBI warnings, starting with the ubiquitous FBI copyright warning. Engorge, Gobble & Gulp (4:30) 1994 A humorous allegory told through a surprise narrator that critiques societal control over the female body both in the aesthetic realm and the sexual realm. The narrator encourages women to participate in self exploration and guilt-free indulgence.

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