Cecilia Dougherty

Grapefruit (1989) VHS NTSC, color, 39 min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Biography & Autobiography, History

"In Cecilia Dougherty's Grapefruit, based obliquely on Yoko Ono's book, often ludicrous moments from John and Yoko's charmed history are reconstructed. An all-female cast (aside from one male go-go dancer) makes this a gentle mockery lingering on the banal squabbles of the Fab Four and John and Yoko's deliberate denuding of their private lives. The ersatz philosophy comically espoused in Grapefruit casts doubt on the past's ability to adequately inform the present. For Dougherty, this glance backwards doesn't seek reassurance or queasy remembrance. It's an experiment in crippled nostalgia." -- Steve Seid Sale: $100 individual, $200 institutional

Rental: $75.00
VHS NTSC Rental: $75.00

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