Hollis Frampton

Works and Days (1969) 16mm, black and white, 12.00 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Found Footage

N.B. All proceeds from the rental of this film will go to support publication of the film-makers' coop catalogue. I bought this film in a Canal Street junk shop for $1.00 and found myself in complete agreement with it. The ostensible pretext is the humane and practical discipline of making a vegetable garden (hence the title, borrowed from Hesiod). The gardeners are masters of their art, so that their work blossoms into overarching metaphor. I have attached my logo to the film, not to claim it as a ready-made, but in the spirit of Chinese connoisseurs who affixed their vermilion seals to paintings as a mark of admiration.

Rental: $48.00
16mm Rental: $48.00

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