Hollis Frampton

Zorns Lemma (1970) 16mm, color, 60 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Structural

"In his most important work to date, and the most original new work of cinema I have seen since Brakhage's Scenes From Under Childhood: Part IV. Frampton's film is an exercise in mathematical logic in cinema. Or is it a mechanical logic?... It's about alphabet. It's about the unities of similarities. It's about sameness in a confusion. It's about logic in chance. Its about structure and logic. It's about rhythm. Ah, what a difference between Zorns Lemma and all the 'serious' commercial movies that I occasionally praise!" -- Jonas Mekas, Village Voice "... the ultimate Frampton film, so far... he looks back on several of the dialogues his earlier films rehearsed: the tension between words on the screen and concrete images arose in SURFACE TENSION, it explodes here; the cyclic repetitive variations of ARTIFICIAL LIGHT, are less repetitive, less varied, than the alphabetic cycles here; ZORNS LEMMA exaggerates the fixed rhythms of PALINDROME and insists upon the pulse of one second with incredible obdurance... ... At a time when radical uniqueness seems progressively less probable, Hollis Frampton has made a film that is absolutely one of its kind." -- P. Adams Sitney, 1970

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