Hollis Frampton

Public Domain (1972) 16mm, black and white, 14.00 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Children & Youth, Films about Film, Media

"In PUBLIC DOMAIN...(Frampton) recapitulates cinema's infancy in a series of direct quotes from such notable primitive works as RECORD OF A SNEEZE (FRED OTT'S SNEEZE) and SANDOW FLEXING HIS MUSCLES, two 1894 Edison kinetoscopic shorts, as well as literal pieces of cinematic juvenilia (child wading at the beach, another throwing a tantrum at home, three women merrily blowing bubble pipes, and the finale, a melodramatic weighing of a newborn attended by an anxious father, doctor, and nurse)--all readily retrievable/quotable fragments from our finite federal version of the 'infinite film,' the paper print collection at the Library of Congress."--Bruce Jenkins

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16mm Rental: $50.00

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