Hollis Frampton

Quaternion (1976) 16mm, color, 4 min

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Films about Film, Media

"Strategy and imagery combat and aid each other in pairs. QUATERNION...a spatial figure of monumental attractions...interference...an undulating gyre. Hollis superimposes a fragmenting Muybridge-like grid of Cartesian elements (details of the fire ecscape outside the studio) against shots of rooftops superimposed in perfect scale with the billboard-like segments of an automobile, enlarged flower, and a spoon...panels of the 20' x 20' mural for the New York World's Fair in James Rosenquist's Broome Street studio--New York, mid-1960s. A discourse between the painter painting and the filmmaker criss-crossing one vector against another, undermining any single plane of reference. Rosenquist's paintings are like movie screens in which frames from several different films are superimposed and intercut. The studio becomes a theater within which image objects collide. The filmmaker reiterates the passage from identity to difference, generating a conceptual pre-literate space...a safari by Hollis into the categorical domains of artifactual debris."--Patrick Clancy

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