Brian Frye

Nadja (2000) color, 3 min

"I speak in 'Nadja' of a naked woman totally preoccupied with herself in the sidestalls of the Electric Palace (quite undressed, seen from the central stalls): she would have seemed to me to be of a less phosphorescent whiteness if she had not appeared during the projection of a film of unlimited insanity in which everything was used as a pretext to show the 'Lord's Table.' This was the work of a priest who signed himself Peter the Hermit, and I think the film was called 'How I Killed My Child'." -- Andre Breton, "As in a Wood" Brakhage has called her the muse, perhaps because she appears only to those who hold a strip of film in their own hands. But here she appears -- if only for a moment -- to all those who care to look for her. "Let us speak plainly: The marvelous is always beautiful, anything marvelous is beautiful; indeed, nothing but the marvelous is beautiful." -- Andre Breton

Rental: $20.00

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