Gordon Ball

Farm Diary (1970) 16mm, Regular 8mm, color, 64 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Environment & Nature

The Farm's first ten months. Peter Orlovsky, Candy O'Brien, Allen Ginsberg, Julius Orlovsky, Gordon Ball, Ed The Hermit, Gregory Corso, Bessie, Panda Manda, Godly & Sadeyes, Myon Wiles, Stephen Bornstien, Papa Duck, Barbara Pionteck, Amy Raccoon, Herbert Huncke, Malcom & Tyger, Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva, Jim Forratt, Sonja, Lygia, Cyril, Enrique, Louis Cartwright, Maretta, salamanders, hawkeyes, timothy, yarrow, morning glories, corn, pumpkin, elm, maple, ash, & many other energies. Cleaning the well, reading the paper, chanting Prajna Paramitra Sutra, tilling the earth, sipping coffee, picniking, the sun setting, the sun rising, mist settling, motoring through the countryside, building the woodshed, digging for the hidden well, the morning walk, bathing, horseshoing, caressing the cow, cutting wood, the annual parade, the sun yellowing leaves, the leaves wrinkling, the leaves fallen and blown, the snow, sledding, bearing water through the snow, 17 below, the blizzard. the end. Gordon Ball spent long patient seasons milking Bessie, tilling the earth, and squinting through 8mm lenses at home nature on mountain top farm filled with ghostly strangers and so documents and archetypal first year back to the land. -- Allen Ginsburg [available on Super 8 or 16mm]

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16mm Rental: $100.00
Reg8mm Rental: $100.00

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